Sheila V. Graham, Ph.D.



Who I am…

A licensed psychologist who graduated from Columbia University (2010) with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.

I am a queer, Black, Latina originally from Costa Rica. I provide bilingual services in English and Spanish. I am based in Baltimore, Maryland and available for virtual services in all PsyPact states

As a Relational Cultural Therapist (RCT) my authentic style, relational focus, and cultural awareness make me an active and empathic partner in the therapeutic process. 


What we will talk about...

You decide! As I am attuned to power based systems, treatment will likely explore ways in which the context of our cultural identities impact both your lived experiences and our therapeutic journey. You can also expect a level of transparency where you’ll be aware of my thoughts and impressions throughout our work together.

How I can help...

I empower people to increase self-compassion, strengthen personal relationships, and navigate life transitions. The connections and disconnections we experience in interactions with family, social, and work relationships have a profound impact on our experience in the world. I believe healthy connections and living authentically are essential to healing and happiness. The combination of your lived experiences with my clinical expertise, create a powerful capacity for increased awareness, insight and growth. 


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Therapy is a journey that leads us to increased understanding, empowerment and healing. 



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